September Thoughts: Fresh Starts

While January 1st is normally when we reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the upcoming year, we find that September is a perfect time to reset and look ahead.  

Even if you are not currently in school or do not have school-aged children at home, September always gives off a sense of new beginnings. 

This month we challenge you to look at different aspects of your life and set goals accordingly, to bounce back and explore new healthy habits or activities you have always wanted to do but never made time for.  

Below are some tips that we have come up with that [hopefully!] will help you work towards putting your best self forward this season. 

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1. Write it down 

Get out your favourite journal and pens and write your goals down - the best way to actually complete a goal is when you can properly visualise what that will look like. 

2. Schedule It 

Planning to run a 10k? Wanting to do a pottery class? Hoping to lose those last pesky 10lbs? We find that scheduling specific days in your diary and making time for those runs, classes, or healthy meals you will actually make the time to complete it.  Find a local run club that you can join, sign up for that pottery class, schedule your meals and workout plans. A little preparation goes a long when it comes to completing your goals. 

3. Evaluate Your Routines 

When it comes to health, well-being, and even career specific goals - setting the right morning and evening routines are essential - eating a well balanced breakfast, going to bed early, cutting down on screen time, meditation & yoga, every bit helps in achieving those goals.  

4. Give Yourself a Break 

We know, we know, we are extremely hard on ourselves. Ditch the perfection, nobody is perfect, but success generally comes from making a mistake or two and being able to brush yourself off and get back at it again.  


You got this girl. 

Leah Rodrigues
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