Holi Studios, Holi's in-house training and production centre in Siem Reap, Cambodia, was founded by Leah Rodrigues in February 2014. 

With a local community keenly seeking opportunities for long-term training and stable employment, Holi Studios employs local Cambodians who have undergone initial training through various charity-operated sewing projects, and offers them further training and employment, broadening their skill-set to produce garments for the premium market. The team specialise in beautifully crafted women's outerwear, produced exclusively for Holi.

Holi Studios prides itself on its technical ability to produce products for the international market, and the rigorous quality control needed to achieve this.

Holi manages all aspects of its operations in-house, from the recruitment process right through to the delivery of orders to end-customers, and is therefore able to ensure that none of its manufacturing is outsourced to external suppliers.  Our employees receive long-term training, are treated fairly, and are provided with a safe and stable working environment.  In receiving a fair living wage, they are not only able to help support their families financially, but are empowered to act as role models in the community and offer testament to how investment in skill development - as part of long-term employment - has the potential to change lives

Pattern cutting | Holi Studios

 Autumn/Winter 2015 fabrics | Holi Studios

Constructing the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection | Holi Studios

Zips ready to be put in Holi's winter coats | Holi Studios

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