Rainy Day Daydreams

Ohhh November, we really don't love you, but we are trying.

If you're anything like us, this time of the year always gets us a little bit down. We find it's best to be armed and ready when the rainy day blues come around. 

Below are our favourite go-to's when those grey days are getting you down. 


Nothing cures winter blues better than a little R&R in the sunshine.  Our pick? The ever so beautiful Tenerife.  

Canary Islands


Do it, go ahead, treat yourself to a new nail varnish - preferably something with a pop of colour. Our favourite at the moment is this delicious coral-mango colour by Essie. 

Essie, Excuse Me Sur 

Excuse Me Sur, £7. Available at Boots


If you can't beat them, join them! At least that's what they say, right? Adding a new coat to your winter wardrobe can at least make you look forward to going outside. Our favourite is the Drop Panel Contrast Coat in Peacock Green. This coat is Merino Wool + Cashmere - designed to be truly warm to get you through these chilly months in style. 

Holi Drop Panel Contrast Green Coat

£540.00, Buy Here  


A little endorphin boost hasn't done anyone any harm - we find that a fun workout always helps with the grey day blues. Our top picks? Barre, Spin, & HIIT.  If you're in London, our favourite is Frame, a multi class studio with programs for everyone from Meditation to Personal Training and everything in between, they even have a Music Video class where you can get your Beyonce on, um...yes please! 

Frame London Barre


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